The Voice of Freedom: (selected pre and post independence speeches and addresses for African independence 1940 — 1984)

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Nnewi, Anambra state: Horizontal Publishers.

I Have One Thing To Give - an address to the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), Brooklyn branch. June 1940; Toward Freedom We March - a public address to all Nigerian Tribal Unions in Kano, February 1996 to mark the inauguration of his missionary programme of Horizontal Education for freedom in Africa; African Irredentism: an address to business and religious Leaders of Thought in Chicago on June 4, 1943, Chairmanned by Attorney Bindley C. Cyrus; my days on earth: an address to friends and well wishers at his birthday party on July 17, 1950; appeal of the new Africa: an address to Marcus Garvey Movement - the Universal Negro Improvement Association, during a rally in Brooklyn, New York in the Summer of 1941; America’s role in post war Africa: a speech made on Wednesday, September 27, 1944, to the Harvard University Faculty Club, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts; an address to the people of Nigeria from New York, USA, January 1, 1945; good bye 1947 - an address to the American Council on African Education (ACAE), New York Branch, December, 31st 1947; Burma today, Nigeria tomorrow: an address to American Council on African Education students in USA after the Independence of Burma, January 4, 1948; Africa on the side of the allies: the text of speech broadcast to the United States of America on Station WLW, Cincinnati, Ohio., Sunday September 16, 1942 at 5.00 p.m.; speech during the first budget session: Eastern House of Assembly, Enugu, February 20, 1952; in defence of Nigerian workers in parliamentary democracy: being contribution to the commencement of public business in the Federal House of Representatives, August 18, 1952; senate debates. contributions on March 23rd, 1962; what is failure?: speech on January 1, 1959, on the occasion of the opening of Nigeria Secondary School, Nnewi; the political future of the N.C.N.C.: an address to the NCNC University Students First National Convention at Enugu on June 29, 1962; ideologies after independence: a speech delivered on July 5, 1960 at 5 p.m. under the auspices of the Aba Recreational Club; world problem of development: address to the Interparliamentary Union general debate following President Tito’s own address on Saturday September 14, 1963 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia; staying power: an address to Etukokwu School of Commerce, Onitsha on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee celebration of the school on February 4, 1962, 3 p.m.; a great time to live: an address to the staff and students of the Nigeria Secondary School, Nnewi on the occasion of his 51st birthday, July 17, 1965; a monarch in a democracy: an address to the Eastern Chiefs Conference at the Nnewi Palace during the inauguration of the body; who is the African writer?: - an address as the guest of honour at the first anniversary celebration of the writer’s workshop, east central state government at hotel presidential Enugu, August 4,, 1974; address to the schools committee, Nnewi Division, as the Chairman Nnewi Divisional School Board; “educated” class in Nigeria: a public lecture of Calabar Community at Calabar, chairmanned by prof. Eyo Ita in 1946; intellectual and political leadership in the Nigerian republic: an address to the Dennis Memorial Grammar School (DMGS), Old Boys Association, Port Harcourt on November 5, 1962 at Roxy Hall, Hospital Road, Port Harcourt; education and moral excellence: an address as the Chancellor, University of Jos at the Fifth Convocation Ceremony of the University on Saturday January 22, 1983, at the Navaguta Hostel Complex Site, University of Jos, Jos; influence of horizontal education on African unity: an address to Ijebuode Community at Itoro hall, Ijebuode, September 16, 1946; horizontal education and discipline – an address as the Chancellor of the University of Jos, at the Sixth Convocation Ceremony of the University on Saturday, January 21st, 1984 at the Navaguta Hostel Cofnplex Site, University of Jos; thank God i have done my duty: address to the West African Board of the American Council African Education (ACAE) in 1949; the Nigeria we must change: inaugural address at the opening of American Council on African Education (ACAE) Headquarters in Port Harcount, 1964; we mourn for late President because we fear our own imperfections.

selected pre and post independence speeches and addresses for African independence 1940 — 1984