Nigeria public service reforms support for innovation, modernization and change in the civil service:

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Asokoro, Abuja(50 Mamman Nasir Crescent): Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR),

Innovation, Modernization and Change as Life’s Guiding Forces, NEEDS: The Synchronization of the Various Reform Programmes into an Organic Entity, Overall Goal and Strategic Focus of the Ongoing Public Service Reforms, Strategies for Moving the Reform Process Forward, Results of the Reform Programme, Conclusion: The Critical Success Factor

Innovation, modernization and change have always been part of life’s most potent guiding forces which shape the world and determine the progress and well-being of all human societies. It may be inferred that while the creation of the universe and the human and non-human entities that inhabit it is inspired by an act of divine innovation, societies that have progressively attained remarkable progress in all facets of human endeavour have been more innovative and receptive to modernization and change in nurturing their societies and building their institutions.