Eastern Nigeria gazette No. 1 Vol. 10

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Enugu: The Authority, 1961

Amendment-to Eastern Nigeria Legal Notice No. 511 of 1960—The Provincial Assemblies Regulations, 1960 pg. 1; Closure of Roads pg.1; Movements of Officers pg. 2-4; Tenders. pg. 4-5; Abolition of Commission on P.A.Y.E. Tax Deductions pg. 5; Road Traffic Ordinance (No. 43 of 1947) Notices pg. 5; Treasury Returns for the month of September, 1960 and for the period 1st April to 30th September, 1960 pg. 6-10; Loss of Fixed Income Tax Tickets pg. 10; Loss of Local Purchase Orders pg. 11; Loss of Payable Order pg. 11; Common Entrance Examinations for the School Year beginning January, 1962 Government College, Umuahia; Government Secondary School, Owerri; Govern ment Secondary School, Afikpo; Queen’s School, Enugu and Government Secondary Technical School, Port Harcourt pg. 12; Entrance Examinations to Certain Grammar Schools—West African Examinations Council, Yaba, Lagos pg. 13; Eastern Nigeria Marketing Board-Palm Kernels and Palm Oil Purchases declared in Eastern Nigeria (Amendment) pg. 13; Produce Inspection Stations pg. 13-14; Vacancy for Chief Federal Adviser on Education - Ministry of Education, Lagos pg. 14; Vacancies for Assistant Works Superintendents (Electrical), Federal Ministry of Works and Surveys pg. 14; Vacancy for Scientific Officer (Storage Engineer) - Federal Ministry of Commerce and Industry pg. 15; Vacancies for Statisticians - Federal Office of statistics pg. 15.

Eastern Nigeria gazette No. 1 Vol. 10 Amendment to Eastern Nigeria Legal Notice