Politics of urban violence and the challenges of sustainable development in Nigeria’s fourth republic

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Oyo State: Pacesetter: Journal of Emmanuel Alayande College of Education,

C o n c e p t u a l a n d T h e o r e t i c a l Underpinnings on Violence; Concept of Sustainable Development; Urbanization and Violence; Overview of Violence in Nigeria's Fourth Republic; Causes of Urban Violence in NigeriaStruggle for Resource Control and Gains; Ethnicity and Problem of Identity; Ownership of Land/Territory; Competitive Partisan Political Activities; Implications of Violence on Sustainable Development in Nigeria

Violence has become an endemic feature of most of the world's political system and one of the most important development challenges facing the world today. This is particularly true of developing countries, including Nigeria where violent conflicts become defining characteristics of the political scene especially since independence. Violence is not alien to Nigeriaas the country had witnessed upsurge in its occurrence which played out in a variety of forms.