Social Studies Education a Catalyst for Sustainable Development

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Department of Social Studies, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo, Oyo State

Introduction; Conceptualizing social studies; Concept of sustainable development; Emerging issues in social studies education towards fostering ustainable Development; The Need for Repositioning Social Studies Education in Nigeria for Sustainable National Development; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.

This paper examined the curricula context of social studies education in the advancement of sustaining national development. Attention was focused on conceptualizing the subject matter as a discipline vis-à-vis its objectives. It further dwelt on the need for repositioning of social studies education in Nigeria for sustainable national development which is identified as good citizenship, development of consciousness, knowledge of significant development in human societies, development of critical thought, fostering of national unity and moral education. Social studies as a discipline strive to fill national objectives thereby leading to national development. In view of this, it should be strengthened as a catalyst for the advancement of sustainable national development