Volume 1 alpha - merchant bank:

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Alpha - Merchant Bank, (2022?)

1.0 Introduction: Institution’s Background; Business Environment; 2.0 The journey to failure: Boardroom Crisis; Purchase of BIAO shares in Afribank; Struggle for Control; 3.0. Appraisal of bank's performance: Capital Adequacy; Asset Quality; Management; Earnings; Liquidity; 4.0 Causes of bank's failure: Weak Corporate Governance; Management Ineptitude; Financial Engineering; 5.0 Regulatory Intervention: Dissolution of Bank’s Board; Liquidation; 6.0 Prosecution of directors & officers for wrong -doing; 7.0 Lessons learnt; 8.0 Conclusion.

A group of investors from diverse background such as medicine, banking manufacturing, commerce, administration and law promoted the establishment of Alpha Merchant Bank (AMB) at a time the regulatory capital was N6 million. In keeping with the permissible ownership structure, no single shareholder held more than 5% of the paid up capital. The shareholders were also required to maintain a geographical spread covering two thirds of the existing 19 states (i.e 13 states) of the Federation. The bank commenced business on 6th June, 1988.