Collected speeches of the president:

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Ikoyi, Lagos State: Department of Information Domestic Publicity Division,

Major national broadcasts; Political issues; New direction of government; Commerce and industry; Food and environment; Universities and other institutions; Foreign relations; Labour; Religion; The media; Youths and sports; personality

This is the second volume of the collected speeches of the President Major-General lbrahim Babangida since he assumed office on Auqust 27, 1985. The first titled TOWARDS NEW GOALS AND A NEW DIRECTION was published towards the end of 1985. It contains the President's first nine speeches starting with his Maiden address to the nation on August 27, 1985. This second volume, the Collected Speeches covers all subsequent speeches made by the President on various occasi ons and on great moments of importance to the nation. Collected Speeches is divided into subjects, each related group of speeches which the President has made building up a distinct part of the boolk. In this way there are twelve areas covered, marked as parts i to xii. Part one carries the five most important speeches of the President in his first twelve months in office. These are his Maiden Address of August 27, 1985 and his Silver Jubilee broádcast of October, 1, 1985 re-used from the first book by virtue of their importance to the nation and to his Adminis tration, being indicators of the character of the government and the new direction the &th Administration is asking the good people of this country to pursue. Then follow the Budget speech of December 31, 1985, the June 26th Broadcast of this year and the ultimate speech on the IMF loan.