National Bibliography of Nigeria 2020

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National Library of Nigeria

National Bibliography of Nigeria (NBN) is published by National Library of Nigeria in line with the provision of the National Library Act No. 29 of 1970. The publication by virtue of the Act is expected to be a comprehensive, systematic and timely listing of intellectual resources (books, journals) published in Nigeria, by Nigerians and about Nigeria/Nigerians irrespective of the format (print and non-print).

This particular edition contains bibliographic records of published intellectual work deposited to the National Library of Nigeria during the lock down orchestrated by the COVID 19 pandemic.

This is aimed at ensuring that NBN continues to serve as reliable copy-cataloguing and selection tools with extended options for libraries and librarians. Also, the visibility NBN offers the authors and publishers would also be enhanced. It is our hope that Nigeria’s contribution to Universal Bibliographic Control and Universal Availability of Publication will be more robust and far-reaching.

The arrangement of content and quality of print are remarkable improvements from the last edition with regards to author, title series and subject indexes, legibility appeal and quality of paper used. This edition, which is the 67th annual publication and 19th automated publication was produced using the UNESCO Micro CDS/ISIS library application software.