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Lagos: federal government printer.

establishment and classification of custodial service; functions of the Custodial Service; pensions; custody of inmates; documentation of inmates; reformation and rehabilitation of inmates; inmate labour; transfer of inmates; production of inmates before a court; detention of awaiting trial persons; transportation of inmates upon discharge; use of firearms; visitors and inspection of custodial centres; functions of visitors of custodial centre; healthcare services in custodial centres; mental health of inmates; removal of sick inmates to the hospital; correctional officers reward fund; staff training; security of custodial centres.nigerian non-custodial service; the functions of national committee on non-custodial measures; regulations and guidelines; parole; probation; community service; restorative justice measures; funding of non-custodial measures; repeal of cap P29, LFN, 2004.

this is the official gazette No. 120, vol. 106 of the federal republic of Nigeria.