A Keynote address presented by Israel H. Idris on the 2022 readership promotion campaign of the national library of Nigeria, Taraba state branch with the theme reading as a panacea for societal problems held at the viewing centre near Kpantipalace Zing Taraba State

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Taraba: National Library of Nigeria Taraba State Branch
"Readers are Leaders; Leaders are Solutions" We need to see reading as a very important issue which brings not only enjoyment or pleasure but serves as a basic tool of education. The minds of these individuals are not only kept busy but also edified and protected. Reading makes way for a better understanding of one's own experiences and it can be an exciting voyage to self-discovery, which also influences the extent and accuracy of information as well as the attitudes, morals, beliefs, judgement and actions of persons.Once we know how to read, we can reachour full potential. As well, beconming a reader enhances the chances of success at school and beyond. Remember, reading is not just for school, it is for life. To this end, reading in all its variety is vital being better informed, having a better understanding of all, and making man a thoughtful and constructive contributor to a democratic and cohesive society, thereby eliminating societal problems.