Women Educational Attainment: A Precursor to Participating In Policy Formulation For Sustainable Development

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Department of Political Science, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo Oyo State

Conceptual Clarifications; Policy Formulation; Educational Attainment; Development; Gender Issues; Hindrances to High Level Educational Attainment by Women.

The interplay of financial burden, pursuance of western education and ability to participate actively by women in policy formulation has been a major issue in Nigeria. In contemporary times, the role of women had been compounded by the need to seek paid employment to supplement income into the family. This to a great extent is affecting her ability to attain high level education and consequently the position she can aspire for. This paper examines the compounded financial obligations of women, the limits placed by this increasing financial obligation on her educational attainment and consequently the inability to aspire for higher policy formulation position in office, business and most importantly higher institution. The paper makes use of both primary and secondary sources in its methodology. The ratio of male to female lecturers as well as male Ph.D holders to female Ph.D lecturers in Emmanuel Alayande College of Education were examined as a corollary in order to arrive at a reasonable conclusion on the challenges of their female counterparts. Textbooks, journal articles and newspapers reports were part of the secondary sources. The paper concludes that women were mostly disadvantaged (due to the cultural and financial burden) from attaining the peak of their career especially in higher institutions. Hence, the need for husbands to assist their wives in carrying out domestic chores and that special scholarships to be granted to women in pursuance of higher education amongst others.