Revitalizing Nigerian vocational education for sustainable development through women empowerment

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Oyo State: Department of Agricultural Education, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education

Introduction; The concept of vocational education; Importance of vocational education for women; Challenges facing women in accessing vocational education; Vocational education for sustainable development; The present plight of women in vocational education; Women empowerment for sustainable development; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.

In Nigeria, not much emphasis has been laid on vocational skills as regards to sustainable economic development with emphasis on women empowerment. Women have continued to make immense contributions to development in Nigeria but their fundamental contributions is continually under-appreciated and under-supported. This paper thus discusses the concept of vocational education and its importance on the economic empowerment of women. It identifies basic barriers women have in assessing vocational education. The quest for provision of vocational education and training of women as a tool for sustainable development is a task that must be accomplished, considering women multiple responsibilities in our day-to-day life.