Environmental Education as a Panacea for Sustainable Development in Nigeria.

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Department of Geography, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo State

Introduction; Objectives of the study; Concept of environment; Concept of education; Concept of environmental education in Nigeria; Challenges of the environment in Nigeria; The need for sustainable development; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.

Environmental education and protection have become inevitable in Nigeria considering the numerous environmental problems such as soil erosion, desert encroachment, oil spillage, flooding, among others occurring in many places within the country. This paper reviews the concept of education, environment, environmental education, sustainable development and challenges to environmental education, method to be employed in environmental education. This underscores why the objectives of the paper includes to identifying some of the environmental problems confronting Nigeria, challenges of environmental education; and to proffer solutions to the persistent environmental problems. It is concluded that the Nigerian environment suffers great abuse by its citizens and is being beset with enormous problems. Therefore, it is recommended among others that the Federal Government should enforce laws that would control the use of natural environment