Emerging issues in information ethics in Nigeria library: Plagiarism and copyright

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Lanlate, Oyo State: College Library Emmanuel Alayande College of Education

Introduction; Information ethics from library perspective; Issues of copyright; Significance of copyright; Implications of copyright law on library and library users; Issues of plagiarism; Conclusion; Recommendations; References;

The library develops human intellectual and emotional abilities to recognize and respect human dignity and the right of others. Research works have shown that information ethics is a global issue. The focus of this paper is thus to discuss t issues of information ethics in Nigerian libraries. Through Nigerian libraries, issues in information ethics such as copyright and plagiarism can be curbed to a minimal level. The paper also discusses the concept of ethics, information ethics, information ethics from the librarianship perspective, and issues of plagiarism and copyright violation as related to information ethics in the contemporary electronic age are examined.