Social media as emerging discourse in biology education for sustainable development in Atiba LGA, Oyo State.

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Oyo State: Department of Biology, Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, Oyo

Introduction; Statement of problem; Purpose of the study; Hypotheses; Methodology; Research design; Population of the study; Sample and sampling techniques; Research instrument; Validation of instrument; Method of data collection; Method of data analysis; Results; Discussion of findings; Conclusion; Recommendations; References.

The study investigated social media as an emerging discourse in Biology education among senior secondary school students in Atiba Local Government Area of Oyo State. Using descriptive survey research design, two hundred respondents were randomly selected among Biology students from the Local Government Area. A validated twenty item four point Likert-type questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection. Five null hypotheses were raised and tested using chi-square statistical analysis at alpha level. Findings revealed that students' exposure to social media had negative influence on their academic performance; student's addictiveness to social media resulted in low Grade Point Average (GPA), and that male student were more addicted to social media than their female counterparts.